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Publisher : Brown, Son & Ferguson (1982)
Hardcover : 908 pages
Condition : Lost Jacket, Good
Item Weight : 1000g

Sách hiện có tại 205 Trần Huy Liệu, phường 8, Phú Nhuận.

"Business and Law for the Shipmaster" by F.N. Hopkins is a comprehensive guide designed for shipmasters, maritime officers, and others in the maritime industry to understand the legal and business aspects of their roles

Key Themes and Content:

  • Maritime Law: The book explores various elements of maritime law, including international conventions, regulations, and customary practices that govern the shipping industry. It addresses key legal concepts that shipmasters need to understand to navigate complex legal environments.

  • Business Operations: Hopkins provides insight into the business aspects of running a ship, including documentation, contracts, cargo handling, and other financial responsibilities. This section can be especially useful for shipmasters who deal with commercial operations.

  • Safety and Compliance: The book discusses safety regulations, including SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea), MARPOL (Marine Pollution), and other international frameworks that shipmasters must adhere to. It also covers shipboard safety practices and crew management.

  • Navigational Law: As part of maritime law, the book delves into navigational rules, including the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGs) and other navigation-related laws that ensure safe voyages.

Who Should Read This Book:

  • Shipmasters and Maritime Officers: Those responsible for the operation and management of ships will find this book valuable for understanding their legal and business responsibilities.
  • Maritime Students and Cadets: It can serve as a resource for those studying maritime courses or preparing for maritime exams to become shipmasters.
  • Maritime Lawyers and Legal Professionals: The book provides a practical overview of the legal environment in the maritime industry, offering insights into the day-to-day legal challenges faced by shipmasters.
  • Shipping Industry Professionals: Anyone involved in the operation, management, or legal aspects of ships can benefit from this comprehensive guide.

Why It's Important:

"Business and Law for the Shipmaster" is essential for those working in the maritime industry because it combines legal knowledge with practical business applications. Shipmasters face a unique set of challenges that require a thorough understanding of both maritime law and business operations, and this book aims to bridge that gap by offering clear, actionable information.

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