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Publisher : Villard Books (1991)
Hardcover : 232 pages
Item Weight : 500g
Condition : Good 
Sách hiện có tại 205 Trần Huy Liệu, phường 8, Phú Nhuận.

"Corporate Negaholic: How to Deal Successfully with Negative Colleagues, Managers, and Corporations" by Benjamin Shahin and Cherie Carter-Scott is a guide that addresses the challenge of dealing with negativity in the workplace. The book identifies "negaholism," a term used to describe a persistent negative mindset that can undermine productivity and morale in a corporate environment. Here's a brief summary of the key themes and suggestions from the book:

Understanding Negaholism

  • Definition: Negaholism is a mindset characterized by chronic negativity, criticism, and skepticism. It manifests in a corporate context through individuals, teams, or entire organizations that focus on problems rather than solutions.
  • Impact: Negaholism can reduce morale, stifle innovation, and lead to a toxic workplace culture.

Identifying Negaholics

  • Traits: Negaholics are often pessimistic, resistant to change, critical, and prone to blame. They may be passive-aggressive, sarcastic, or excessively focused on obstacles.
  • Contexts: Negaholism can exist at various levels, from individual employees to top management. It can also be embedded in corporate culture through overly rigid policies or a lack of encouragement for new ideas.

Coping with Negaholism

  • Self-Protection: To avoid being drawn into a negative mindset, maintain a positive outlook and focus on solutions. Practice mindfulness and stress management techniques.
  • Communication: Use active listening to understand the concerns of negaholics while steering conversations toward constructive topics. Set boundaries to avoid being overwhelmed by negativity.
  • Problem-Solving: Encourage a culture of problem-solving and collaboration. Facilitate brainstorming sessions to find solutions and celebrate successes.

Managing Negaholics

  • For Managers: Address negative behavior through constructive feedback and coaching. Offer support and resources to help employees overcome negativity. Encourage a positive work culture through recognition and positive reinforcement.
  • Team Dynamics: Promote teamwork and a shared sense of purpose. Develop team-building activities and establish clear goals to align everyone toward a common objective.
  • Organizational Strategies: Implement policies that promote open communication and innovation. Encourage feedback from employees at all levels and create mechanisms for addressing concerns.

Creating a Positive Workplace

  • Leadership: Leaders should model positive behavior and cultivate a culture of respect and inclusion. Encourage transparent communication and empower employees to take initiative.
  • Support Systems: Establish support systems like employee assistance programs and mentorship to help employees navigate challenges.
  • Continuous Improvement: Encourage a culture of learning and growth. Regularly assess workplace dynamics and implement changes as needed.

In summary, "Corporate Negaholic" offers practical strategies for identifying and managing negativity in the workplace. By fostering a positive culture, promoting teamwork, and encouraging problem-solving, individuals and organizations can successfully navigate and reduce the impact of negaholism.


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