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Publisher : Wiley (2007)
Hardcover : 326 pages
Item Weight : 600g
Condition : Good, Slightly Stained
Sách hiện có tại 205 Trần Huy Liệu, phường 8, Phú Nhuận.

The business world is more challenging than ever. New technologies present new opportunities and the increasing demands for responsiveness and flexibility mean that manufacturing must have levels of control never imagined twenty-five years ago. In attempting to face up to all these challenges, it is often difficult to know where to begin, and this can lead to employee confusion and underperformance. Gaining Control helps you get control of manufacturing facilities and achieve increased output by retaking command with expert advice and down-to-earth writing from James Correll and Kevin Herbert, two prominent consultants from the Oliver Wight company.

Gaining Control takes you inside the Hayes Tractor Company, a fictitious company but one with all too familiar characteristics and situations. The authors expose the conditions that are causing the company to fail and miss production deadlines, leading to employee morale and discipline problems. Then, they reveal the proven and effective strategies that Oliver Wight uses to help businesses with these issues gain control of their production resources for more effective deployment—whether the resources are people, processes, or machines. Following the example of Hayes, you'll learn how to apply these best practices to your own operation, leading to better control, higher efficiency, and more satisfied employees and customers.

This fully up-to-date new edition includes twenty-four new methods, concepts, and technological advances introduced since publication of the last edition. The authors explore methodologies like Finite Capacity Scheduling and Advanced Planning and Scheduling, pointing out pitfalls and potentialities and showing you how to implement planning and scheduling enhancements across the entire business. A complete guide to manufacturing effectiveness, the book also offers expert coverage of topics such as advanced planning systems, and lean and computer-based scheduling.

Gaining Control will help you close the loop in your goals to consistently deliver on time, maximize efficiency, and reduce lead times. Combining new software, technologies, and processes with tried-and-true methods, this revised edition of a classic text will help you take command of your facilities and improve all aspects of performance.

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